Perhaps a little late to this ‘scene’, I grant you, but I have decided to start blogging. Undoubtedly, there is something incredibly liberating about organising your thoughts in such a way as to condense them down into words and lay them out on a page before you. The seemingly random patterns of thoughts which are in one way constrained by being limited to words in another gain a freedom from the security of development and structure. 

A little about myself, my name is Richard, originally from Waterlooville, near Portsmouth, but currently living in Birmingham as I study Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. From when I first learnt about a man called Jesus, I have found myself ever more deeply desiring to run after Him, to know Him more closely, and to live in the light of the freedom, security and abundant life that He offers, and to reveal that to others through everything I do. This is something I frequently fail at, but seek more and more every day. Blessed to be loved by a wonderful God, an amazing girlfriend, a wonderful church community called Oasis and to have the privilege of serving the University of Birmingham Christian Union as President with some of my dearest friends. Also lead worship, preach from time to time, and enjoy Fifa, Football Manager and (somewhat guiltily)  Taylor Swift.

As of yet, I have no idea what I’m likely to blog about, but I’m sure something will pop up, and I’d love to know what you think of anything I do write.