The Victory of the Cross

On Saturday 14th February, I had the privilege of speaking at Oasis Church’s Student and 20’s Weekend Away, at Cefn Lea in Wales. The weekend was themed around “The Cross Centred Life”, and my talk was the first of three – aiming to set the scene and lay a foundation for the next couple of days by looking at what the death of Jesus achieved by taking place as it did in history. To do that, I asked three questions, “Why is the cross necessary?”, “Who exactly is it on the cross?” and “What difference does it make?”, and tried to allow Romans 3:21-26 to answer them.


Overall, the weekend was a fantastic experience for the 70 of us there, bolstered by a real sense of community, loads of fun, and the presence of God. Alongside the three main meetings, we tasted culinary excellence at The Great Cefn Lea Bake off, marvelled at different people’s secret skills during a talent show, experienced the countryside on walks, challenged one another at football, frisbee and wide games and shared time building friendships over meals and board games. You can find a link to my talk, The Victory of the Cross, by clicking here.


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