Freedom in Christ: Identity

Last Sunday evening, we held our first Student and 20’s Thirst of the term at Oasis Church, and it was a massive privilege to get to speak and kick off our new series looking at “Freedom in Christ”. The night centred around the theme of Identity – how our identity in the past has been that who were ‘slaves’ (not physically, but rather to ourselves; our emotions, desires, and other things), but now are those who have been set free. We looked at the question of why it feels uncomfortable to describe ourselves like that, some of the characteristics of this kind of slavery, how they are transformed through new life in Christ, and what happens when we mess things up. After starting with sung worship, a time hearing about Street Teams (an initiative Oasis runs to help the homeless), and the shorter, fifteen-minute talk, we broke up into discussion groups to chatĀ things through and press deeper into what this truth might mean for us individually and as a community.

There’s no recording due to the nature of the event, but here’s a word cloud which gives an impression of the main focus!

Word Cloud for Freedom in Christ - Identity

All in all, it was a really enjoyable evening; and a great basis from which to build throughout the rest of the year. We have three more Thirst’s scheduled this term, once per fortnight, looking at how Freedom in Christ impacts our Purpose in the world, Decisions in daily life and Relationships with others. Lots to be excited for!




What’s in a name?

Word Cloud for Sunday 14th July 2013 Sermon


This Sunday, I have the very great privilege of preaching at Waterlooville Baptist Church, on Matthew 16:13-20; Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Messiah. I’m really looking forward to it, and everything is very nearly all ready to go for my first preach of three this summer! I thought I’d stick my draft into a Word Cloud and see what came out – any guesses for who I’m focussing on? I tend to write out my talks in full first, to help give me a sense of clarity and direction, and it certainly helps to clear and focus the mind. For someone who does a degree which involves writing a lot of essays, usually up to 3000 words on any of a various range of political theories, to get the opportunity to write at that length about Jesus is a wonderfully therapeutic activity. As opposed to being a bit of a drag, it’s rather more of a delight!

I would appreciate your prayers that all would go well, that I would be able to speak with the confidence and authority that only comes from God, and that He might really speak through me to anyone who is listening.



A link for the talk can be found here, and the supporting Powerpoint presentation can be found here.